About Us

Judge Paluck Sucks is an alternative rock band from southwest Florida. Our initial debut EP “Chop Suey” was released in 2013.

Before proceeding further, we feel it is necessary to state the following message. We feel almost ashamed and embarrassed to do so, but this is the world we live in and we can’t be oblivious to its realities.

We are named after Judge Tara Piscotto-Paluck of Lee County court. Our name was meant to be comical, fun, and not all that serious in nature. Hopefully, we succeeded and it put a smile on your face… well, provided you’re not Judge Paluck herself! We did so in the same vein as Lynyrd Skynyrd (another Florida band) which was a mocking play on words on the name of their high school teacher Leonard Skinner. That’s it! Nothing more.

By virtue of us being good decent folk and not a bunch of scam artists and schysters, we have no need or use for a judge who seemingly bends herself into a pretzel in an effort to accommodate such people. You know Judge Judy? We’re talking polar opposite here. While we have absolutely no respect for the Judge (frankly, we wouldn’t pay a nickel to have her judge a hot dog eating contest) this is not the Turner Diaries! We are NOT calling on anybody or advocating that anybody do anything stupid! She is a politician that gets voted on. If you want to vote her ass out of office, or get involved POLITICALLY to help make that happen… great. If you want to help her politically because, well, just because, that is also great. That is what makes a “representative” government. Either way, if you can even think of anything else other than nothing at all, please seek professional help.

If you are the kind of person who hates people of different colors than your own… or of different races, ethnicities, or nationalities… or women/men… or people of different sexual orientations (LGBT)… or people who worship a different god(s) or NO god at all… or you’re just a miserable sorry person who looks for excuses to hate people for reasons OTHER than the content of their character… LEAVE US THE F*&K ALONE!!! Don’t come to our shows, don’t buy our tickets, don’t download our albums!